Deep Purple Plum Tart

plum tart

I have not been home a lot recently. Mostly due to work, long hours, the odd short trip abroad (loads of airplane food, again!). Then the sun has suddenly decided to grace us with his (her?) presence so it has been too nice to be indoors. We took advantage of the impromptu drinks in the park, the bbqs and dinners outside. 

Yet lately I seem to suffer from a ‘cooking bug’. I go through long spells of not so much inspiration, even less cooking energy, a rut of tried and trusted. Then all of a sudden all I can think of is new things to cook, every recipe inspires me, and I am ready to take over the kitchen. Which brings me to wonderful, deep purple plums. Left alone for quite a while on the (kitchen) window still they were initially thought of as healthy snack alternatives. On their own. A piece of fruit.

Didn’t work. Bring together cooking bug and lots of plums, and you’ll get a delicious plum tart. Nothing too spectacular, nothing too difficult. Of course it is understood we are moving away form healthy snacks to full fledge decadence, but oh so tasty. Juicy plums, cinnamon, and almonds are a wonderful match and go beautifully together.

I admit I used ready made pastry (there are unfortunately limits to my time), and the rest was :

  • semolina flour mixed with sugar, added to the bottom of the tart (it stops the pastry from going soggy);

  • plums, stoned and cut into wedges, enough to cover the base of your tart;

  • a mixture of almond flakes, cinnamon, and sugar sprinkled over the plums.

In the oven till done. My own plum extravaganza above took no longer than 30min, with the occasional check just to make sure my plums don’t go up in smoke. A wonderful summer tart.

I have some apples and peaches left at home. Any ideas what I could cook with them?  

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