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More Belgium for you: le cuberdon. I doubt the name has any translation, but if it does please let me know.

Where do I start? I ignored both the cuberdons and the fact they are Belgian. A small survey though made me realize they are amongst Belgians (my colleagues) favorite sweets. As a sweet, as a snack or at the movies. Obviously I had to go out and buy some. Not knowing what to expect I didn’t go for the half kilo bag of cuberdons, but bought a small bag of 8. Gummy, red, weirdly shaped – what are these cuberdons?

They are cone shaped candies dating back to the 19th century, made of sugar, Arabic gum, and gelatin. The original flavoring was of raspberries, however tastes changed over time, and they come now in over 20 flavors.

I tried a cuberdon too. Hard on the outside, soft and gooey on the inside. The cuberdons I bought, were blackcurrant flavored. Although I thought they’d be the original raspberry flavored ones. My very personal non-Belgian tasting notes: too sweet to even think of having a second one. Ever. I can see though the appeal of the hard gum and the gooey center. Just too sweet.

But as Belgian products go, I think they are worth a try. Which makes me ask: are you a cuberdons lover or hater?

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  • Mike

    I am a lover. I live in the U.S. and went to Belgium last year. I love them. Is there any way to get them in the U.S.?

    • I used to live in Belgium. I don’t like sweets very much but I could feel nostalgic and sink my teeth on a cuberdon or two. They are very cheap sweets, but there is something about them. Or I’m fooling myself with childhood memories…

    • Hello,

      I just read your question on onfoodandwine about the Cuberdon. We export the Belgian Cuberdon everywhere. I suggest you to go on our website to see our product.
      You can send me a private message on my email to order…

      • Pauline D’Halluin

        I would like to order a box of cuberdons to be delivered in Australia. Is that possible?

      • Hello,

        Yes it’s possible. Could you please send us an email on ?

        Kind Regards,


  • Hi,
    We will come soon with a full range of those cuberdons you can find in many events, markets or public activities. We are developing some boxes of 5, 16, 20 cuberdons for the retail. This will be supplied soon in the States.
    I keep you posted !

    kind regards and congratulations,


  • 30 différent flavours

  • Linde

    Hmmmmmmm, I simply love them! In Flanders, we call them ‘rode neuzen’ or just ‘neuzen’ –> (red) noses

    Cuberdons were not exported for a really long time, because after a week or two, they tend to become all sugary and the great texture is lost.


      yes you right and i have friends who just came from Belgium and bring me some and next week i go back on my country and take a lot back miam miam

  • Britney

    The name does have a translation. It roughly means a clergyman’s hat. You should double-check these things before you write them.

  • koko

    seeking your help im trying to find out a supplier that can supply my shop with the Le coberdon sweet.
    i live in UAE/Dubai.
    I have tasted it at a friends place and cant get over the wonderful tast, would love to have the opportunity to sell it over here, i think people would love it.

    seeking your help and advice.


    • Hello,

      I just read your question on onfoodandwine about the Cuberdon. We export the Belgian Cuberdon everywhere. I suggest you to gon on our website to see our product.
      Could you please send me your shop info?

  • Hello,
    I am from a travel magazine out of San Francisco called Afar. I was wondering if this is your photo of the cuberdons? We would like to use it in our upcoming issue on our page about Ghent, Belgium. If you could get back to me as soon as possible at, I would really appreciate it.


  • Neuze

    Definitely a lover, though don’t eat them very often because they don’t come very cheap (well, that’s my opinion).

    How do the other lovers eat their cuberdons? I normally bite the head of the cone, then try to suck out the goo and finish by eating the rest of the hard gum. Don’t know if everybody does that? X’D

    It’s true that they are very sugary, but to me one bite just asks for more. When there’s a bag with cuberdons around in the house, it just won’t live to see the next day. Everybody at home is mad about them with the one being able to empty the bag mostly being the one that manages to get the bag out of the other’s sight first. Not a sweet you should eat everyday, but certainly a very yummy treat and indeed one of my most favourite ones.

  • maria

    hi, i am also a lover of this great candy and i live in Australia and am wondering if there are any shops/websites that i can buy these from. my favourite are the red ones, simply exotic mmmm.

    • Hello,

      I just read your question on onfoodandwine about the Cuberdon. We export the Belgian Cuberdon everywhere. I suggest you to go on our website to see our product.
      You can send me a private message on my email to order…

  • maria

    hi, just wondering if there are any places in Australia that sell the cuberdons, i absolutely love them and so do the rest of my family. i especially love the original red ones, they r absolutely delish

  • Tami

    Just went to Ghent this weekend and bought some from a street vendor because I just had to know what they were. I agree with the Andreea – too sweet to eat more than one and not sure we will even finish the small bag we purchased. Belgian chocolate is much more rewarding!

  • carissas

    to buy anything ‘belgian’ go to:
    or try them on face book:

  • Barbara

    absolutely love cuberdons..they have to be the artisan made ones because although Lutti makes small ones you can buy in supermarket, they’re not half as good! I prefer the original flavour rather than the 29 other flavours!!! and when family comes across to England to visit me, they have to bring Cuberdons with them..just a flavour you don’t find anywhere else that reminds me of Belgium wherever I am…. 🙂

  • LH

    I like the shape but too sweet for me.

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