Elle a Table: Tartelettes aux Tomates-Cerise


Cooking inspiration in our house hold comes primarily from: cooking shows, cooking books and cooking magazines. Somewhere in between all these we cook and eat. Elaborate dinners call for cooking books and those ‘to-impress’ recipes. Just the two of us? It’s a matter of taste, of cravings, of comfort. Or, like with these mini cherry tomato tarts, of visual hunger.

Elle a Table is a French food magazine, I buy regularly. Most of the recipes and food is very much Elle, but there is enough inspiration to keep you going. One of the recent issues featured cherry tomato tarts on the cover. They looked delicious. Cute. Gorgeous. This doesn’t mean I got cooking there and then. But somewhere in the back of my mind there was this mental picture of the cherry tomato tarts.

Which is when the ‘cooking bug’ hit, I knew that cherry tomato tarts would be a must try. Some tweaking, some ready made puff pastry, and these gorgeous little starters were done. The only ingredient I had trouble with, was the dried mozzarella. I never heard or saw dried mozzarella, so could you please help me out here? Where should I look for dried mozzarella, and is it such a common ingredient?

Tartelettes aux tomates-cerise
1 ready made puff pastry, cut into circles – I used a bowl, upside down, and cut around it;
1 fresh mozzarella;
cherry tomatoes;
olive oil, thyme, basil, salt and pepper;
(olives would probably work as well)

Cut the pastry into circles, then brush each circle with olive oil. Place a medium sized slice of mozzarella in the middle of each circle. Slice the cherry tomatoes in half and arrange them around the cheese. Sprinkle with salt and freshly ground peppers. Add thyme and basil.

Place the tartelettes on grease proof paper, and cook till done. My oven was at 220 and the tartelletes didn’t need more than 10min. Whilst the tartelettes were delicious, and so easy to make – a perfect entertaining starter – the fresh mozzarella does melt and spread in the oven (on the papers). Probably the reason why the recipe suggests dried mozzarella. The tartelettes are good both warm and cold.

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  • $ha

    I love cherry tomatoes and this kind of recipe!

  • I also buy this magazine every time it comes out! Your tartlets looks gorgeous!

  • That looks great. They might be asking for dry Mozzarella that wrapped in plastic rather than the Moz that comes in water. The ones in plastic are drier and have less water.

  • These ar esimply gorgeous!
    I love Elle a Table too. I got to meet the publisher and he said he’s like to pub in the US but was discouraged-too much competition πŸ™
    I say NOT. It’s a beautiful unique magazine.

  • These would make my day so much better! πŸ™‚

  • I think that what’s called “dry mozzarella” must be scamorza, wich is made in a similar way than mozzarella, but, in fact, a dry paste. It can be a smoked one, but not only. Anyway you should try this recipe with scamorza, it tastes good !

  • thank you all for the tips and comments. who knew mini tartelletes could be so popular πŸ™‚
    i will look our for scarmoza. (you learn something new every day!)

  • Beautiful tarts! They look so perfect.

  • p.s. can you do me a fav? Can you please update the link to my site? I’ve changed hosts:


    thanks so much!

  • Rhona Grant

    Dried Mozzarella is available from most supermarkets now- you can get it ready grated in bags much like you can with cheeses like cheddar.