21 July – Perfect Starter


There was a lot of food at our National Day Party. Everyone was asked to bring something to eat and something to drink. Make that times 20 and you have a truly great (food) party. Which lasted till the next day. Won’t comment on that.

Yours truly (x 2) brought along a tabouleh and home made bread. What I want to share with you though is this great (perfect even) party starter. I keep thinking of fire starter when I write this down. So easy but such a show stopper. I know I will be serving this at the very next garden party (ok, BBQ).

Ingredients: new, small potatoes. Sour cream, or fromage frais. And simply, fish eggs (black as here, but I am sure the red version would work just as well). Boil the potatoes, till done but firm. Cut in two. Spread with the sour cream or cheese. Top with the eggs. Serve. Simply beautiful, aren’t they?

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