Saucy Sauce

pasta sauce

Sauce. Not gravy. Not marinades. Sauce.

That was the somehow short but to the point description of this month’s ‘Waiter There’s Something in My … Sauce’ hosted by Andrew over at Spittoon Extra. So instead of thinking long and hard about an unusual, not yet cooked sauce (and given the tight deadline) we went for the ever classic pasta sauce. I doubt there is an easier sauce than this one, or for that matter, a tastier one.

The pasta sauce saga started when first attempting cooking at university (or did this only happen to me?) and has evolved ever since. Sometimes I do think though that pasta and sauce have never tasted better than cooked after midnight, eaten over notes and books, studying for exams. Then again this probably only shows I am getting older.

What’s so special about this pasta sauce? Well, really, nothing. It’s a dead simple pasta sauce, but one so simple and delicious, it has become a classic. No exotic flavors, no mix and match, no real culinary knowledge at hand or any cooking skills for that matter. This is what might make it a favorite with many.

Concluding, my very own  entry for ‘Waiter There’s Something in My … Sauce’ – a dead simple pasta sauce:

2 x 400gr cans tomato (you can go wild and get the herbs, garlic etc variety)
garlic, chopped (as much as you like – personally, I go for lots)
onion, chopped (again, this is optional)
red wine, herbs, olive oil, salt and pepper
Fry the onion and garlic in a little olive oil. Add the tomatoes, and all the rest of ingredients according to taste (more of this, less of that). Bring to the boil. Serve.

We had our pasta with home made meatballs, the above sauce, and grated parmesan on top. A perfect Sunday lazy dinner.

One tip? Whenever you serve a thick sauce on pasta make sure the pasta is shaped (such as the radiatori we used) or tubular – it helps absorb the sauce. When you serve a thin pasta sauce, use thinner, strand pasta.

What’s your secret pasta (tomato) sauce?

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