A Burger Kind of Night

chicken burgers

I sometimes wonder what the purpose of a food blog is. To share everything we eat/ drink with the world? Hopefully not. Although at times I have the impression everything we cook and eat features here at a certain point, I am glad to realize that a lot of our food life stays in the … well, real life.

Then again, this is what we had for dinner last night! I simply could not resist and had to share this with the virtual food blogosphere. We had chicken burgers. You’ll wonder and say: so what’s special about that? Well nothing really, but they were so easy to do, and so delicious, they deserve a spot here. Plus they look cute.

Lately I have been struggling with cooking, not because of lack of inspiration but lack of time. You’d think summer (purely from a calendar point of view, as Brussels is freezing) brought with it some peace and quiet at the office. Well, no. Add to this days which start grey and end grey, there is not a lot of energy left.

Trying to stay away as much as possible from take away (ha!), I’m looking for delicious quick food, which can be prepared in that tiny time slot between getting home and collapsing.

GoodFood made these chicken burgers look like fun, and promised they’d be quick. Promise kept.

Quick Chicken Burgers (serves 2)

2 chicken breasts, bashed till flat (which amazingly enough is very therapeutic, depending on how your day was!). I used the chicken breast in the bag, roll pin method);
bread crumbs, to which I added some salt and freshly ground pepper;

one beaten egg;

The rest is pretty obvious: coat the chicken breast with the egg and the bread crumbs. Place them on a flat oven proof tray. Under the grill till done. With a somewhat preheated oven at 220C, the chicken breasts took about 20min.

Of course would you have time and energy I am sure these burgers would taste delicious with some home made fries, or even roasted veggies. All I had energy for was: open fridge – get salad bag – open – mix with some olive oil / balsamic vinegar – serve.

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