Very Belgian – Fromage de Bruxelles

fromage bruxelles

After moving to Brussels, this was probably one of the first cheeses I tried. Brussels – Fromage de Bruxelles. How much more obvious can it get?

I was in for a shock. A self confessed cheese lover, the Fromage de Bruxelles was anything but love at first sight: incredibly salty, stinky (I know they say the stinkier the cheese, the better … but there are limits), you name it. Really, I had no idea what to do with this cheese.  

Like every city (region), Brussels has it quirks as well. And the Fromage de Bruxelles is one of them. In Bruxellois (the typical Brussels dialect) this cheese is known as ettekeis. Mixed 50-50 platekeis (fromage blanc) and finely chopped onions, you get the pottekeis. Eh, sorry, what?

I have not yet tried this combination, but I assume the saltiness of the Fromage de Bruxelles, with the somewhat bland taste of fromage blanc can go really well together. Mix in some onions, some freshly ground black pepper, a thick slice of good brown bread and you get a typical Brussels dish.

According to recommendations a good place to have pottekeis is ‘Chez Roger’ on Place du Jeu de Balle. A pottekeis, a Belgian beer such as a Hoegaarden (Vraie Blanche), another taste of Belgium.

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