Summer on a Tray



I do slightly worry that summer will never come. It is almost August and although part of Europe is suffering from unbearable heat, here, Belgium, no light, grey skies, rain, and if we are lucky 20C.

Today I decided no more! Ha. So I went out and bought this uber-cute, flowery, summery tray. If there is no sunshine outside, then at least there will be sunshine when I eat. Summer’s best tomatoes, some feta, and voila all I am missing is the beach. What brightens your mood on a rainy day?

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  • Yes, this weather is really depressing! I really love your tray. A good therapy…

  • Today, some lovely autumn strawberries (that’s what we call them here in Quebec – fraises d’automne). So I made a strawberry shortcake. At dinnertime, the mourning doves and the loons on the lake were whining… distant thunder and incessant rain… and the thought of Summer ending before it has begun! Think I’ll have a slice of cake ;-D

  • I would have bought it too – so beautiful!

  • Oh, I feel your pain… When is summer ever going to come? Today started off hot and I optimistically left my jersey at home… but now it’s grey again and I’m going to have a cold trip home 🙁

    To cheer myself up? I plan a holiday somewhere else!