Disaster Scones


Oh, yes, disasters happen!

Let me tell you about my latest: me and scones. I should just say no! Resist the temptation of thinking myself a scone-baker. It simply doesn’t work. I followed the recipe to the last dot (so there is no way I can blame Bill for the result) but they simply didn’t come out as scones should. They look gorgeous, fluffy, pretty in Bill’s book. Mine – self defense little weapons! Hard, hard, hard. Oh, and no bottoms. Bottomless hard scones, that’s what I baked.

Of course this did not stop us from eating them. I stand by my mistakes. But scones equal disaster in my kitchen. Now that I’ve told you mine, what about yours? (No, not scones, disasters. Although I would be grateful for a foolproof scones recipe.)

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  • Peut-être trop cuits, trop fort, trop longtemps… ils ont pourtant l’air bons!

  • pour vrai dire c’est un mystère 🙂

  • c vrai qu’ils ont l’air bons!

  • What a pity and distressful! Are you sure you don’t work the dough for too long (and knead it) and that they are not overbaked? But, as you say that you followed the recipe, I’m clueless…

  • Ismini

    Hi Andreea,

    If this makes you feel any better, my baking disasters have been numerous: tasteless pecan cookies, cakes that didn’t rise, cakes that did rise but refused to leave the tin… I find baking far more tricky than cooking!

  • kim

    Maybe you overworked them: it should only just come together – to an untrained eye the dough will look undermixed.

    I grease then flour the pan, start on a high heat, finish the cooking on a moderate to low heat.

  • Ah non, il ne faut pas baisser les bras!!! Don’t let the scones win over you!!!
    You should try another flour… La farine de gruau peut-être? Or you should try another recipe but please, don’t give up!!!
    Try this: http://palaisdesdelices.canalblog.com/archives/2007/07/24/5706422.html
    I like this blog!!!

  • There’s my accidentally using bicarbonate of soda, instead of baking powder – Gross, metallic fish cake.

  • Jim

    Without any cooking experience, I tried to make an elegant French pastry for my class in High School. Let’s just say it didn’t look anything like the picture in the cookbook!

  • It’s like pie crust, you have your good days and your bad

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  • My favorite scones recipe is very adaptable and easy. They are dense and chewy, not light and fluffy, but they’re good.

  • i’m not alone 🙂
    you made me feel better. i won’t give up. promise! but i think between now and the next batch of scones there will be some time. thank you for the recipes as well.

  • Mmmmmhhhh terrible!!!

  • I bet they were delicious and that’s what matters!

  • For a disaster, those look pretty delicious! What kind of fruit is that? Apricot?

  • Hillary, they are raisins. Althouth I think it could work with dried apricots as well.

  • I think they look stunning!

  • Well, they certainly don’t look disasterous! But hey, we all have our days… I made some delicious snacks (cheese olives – basically a cheese pastry ball with an olive in the centre) for a party last year and had copied down the recipe from my mom’s recipe book wrongly. I had the same quantity of butter and flour in the dough instead of half as much butter. All was OK, even if the doughballs were a little sloppier than usual… until they came out of the oven. A lava blanket of cheese dough all over the baking sheet, with little raised lumps where the olives were lying. Even worse – it was a foodblogger party :o)

  • celine, thank you
    jeanne, i can only imagine

  • Laurel

    I am so sorry to see that you don’t do scones well – I could go into battle with you with my gnocchi as my weapon. Far from being fluffy etherial little pillows, mine were more like lead marbles. Like you, I ate them anyway – and wished I hadn’t! I have had wonderful luck with scones, however. The best recipe I have found is the Buttermilk Scone with Dried Cherries Recipe on the Baking Bites blog. (www.bakingbites.com) and it lends itself very nicely to alterations. I have made it into ginger, cranberry almond, chocolate and even a savory scone – garlic herb and cheese! Good Luck

  • travelingwilbury

    Hello! I can’t believe you messed up scones… but then we have ALL had our share of disasters in the kitchen… And Bill’s recipe…
    I have to say all the recipes I tried have turned out wonderful and I am a huge fan of him now. A word of comfort, may be it was not the recipe but simply the oven? Sometimes they can be very temperamental and ruin even the best of recipes… Good luck and fantastic photos! Please visit my blog http://travelingwilbury.wordpress.com/