Nuts about Heroes


I am hooked on Heroes. I am not joking. Hooked! So hooked actually that I am following it on two different channels, while probably getting even more confused than I already am. BBC2 has just started airing it (I am now finally understanding the start of it all) … whilst VT4 (a Flemish channel) has been airing it for a while so I am way in the middle of it. Confused and hooked!

Everyone knows TV shows go marvelous with drinks and snacks. Then again that could be me and my Heroes take on TV. Drinks. Check. Snacks? None. Which is where inspiration hit: home made salty almonds. Almonds, some olive oil, sea salt, thyme, all shaken about, in the oven for 5min.

All set. Now bring on the Heroes.

Do you have a favorite TV show/ snack combination? I’m embracing here a very laid back attitude to food (what food?), but I know I am not alone.

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