Pasta Sauce a la Cook Sister

chicken liver pasta

You know that feeling when everything just falls into place and all you’ve done is kind of … well, exist? Not move a finger and the cooking stars align themselves and point you in the right direction. Not that I am getting all psychic on you or anything.

But, you tell me:

2007-07-28  buy a pack of chicken livers from the butchers;
2007-07-29 make chicken liver paté; plenty chicken livers left over; hmm, what do to?
2007-07-30 read Cook Sister’s recipe on the best pasta sauce in the world;
2007-07-31 chicken livers (would) expire.

So just there in between I squeezed in Cook Sister’s pasta sauce recipe. I would have never thought of mixing chicken livers in anything sauce/ pasta sauce. Ever. Intrigued I read and re-read the recipe, confirmed that all ingredients are on hand and got cooking. Changes introduced? Well, not many as I didn’t know what the sauce would/ should taste like. I just substituted dried sage for fresh one and used spaghetti rather than, oh, I don’t know, radiatori.

I won’t re-write the recipe, but I will tell you what it tasted like: very chicken livery, as you would expect. I liked the sauce very much, however I would probably add a little bit more bacon. A little bit more ‘bite’ (chili or paprika perhaps?). Most likely chop the chicken livers into really small pieces. We did chop them but just not small enough. Overall? Still need to get used to the chicken liver/ sauce/ pasta combination but  very tasty sauce indeed. Oh, and the first recipe I have ever cooked from another blog. (Both Saucy Sauce and Cook Sister’s Pasta Sauce are entries for Waiter there is something in my … )

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