Mustard and Mint Sauce

mint mustard

… and why I need to keep my agenda with me at all times. I was positive that TGRWT no. 4 would actually end at the middle of August and not spot on the first day of. I was so excited about this month’s combination: mustard and mint. Love them both, never tried them together, here was my chance.

So I missed TGRWT hosted by Koojegek up north. Doesn’t mean I can’t share my find with you. Difficult as it may sound, mustard and mint actually go together very well. And who better than Nigel Slater to certify that?

Browsing through the month of August in his Kitchen Diaries I came across just that: mustard and mint sauce. With TGRWT in mind finishing mid-August I felt like luck struck me. Twice.

His sauce is very simple and although I was weary at how it would taste (the recipe does sound like a mustard/mint mayonnaise) it was delicious! Very refreshing, very light and a great sauce to go with beef. I kept the quantities as suggested in the recipe, as the sauce keeps till the next day.

Mustard and Mint Sauce (serves 4)

1 tbsp ground mustard (I used moutarde a la ancienne)
a handful mint leaves
2 egg yolks
3 tbsp olive oil

Wizz all the ingredients in a food processor. Chill before serving. A real summer delight. I’m not a very sauce on my steak kind of person, but I do recommend this as it was incredible.

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