Wish List

… concerning restaurants in Brussels. I realized we have been staying in and generally avoiding the rainy and grey weather for too long. It is time to go out and eat again. My top 5 restaurants not yet tried, but on my wish list are:

Yamayu Santatsu – amongst the well established Japanese restaurants in Brussels. Apparently I should insist on reserving a table down stairs.

Le Fruit Defendu – raving reviews, and every time I pass by it seems to be full/ fully booked.

Le Pain et Le Vin – again a classic amongst restaurant goers. Everyone who’s been there, loved it.

Touraeg – I have probably been reading one too many airplane magazines, and Touraeg seems to always come up. If it’s good enough for a Michelin reviewer…

Parachute Parc – a favorite with locals, and a constant recommendation from one of my colleagues.

What restaurants do you want to go to in Brussels? Which one is your favorite?

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  • Actually, two restaurants I really like happen to be very near Parachute Parc – they’re both on Chaussée de Waterloo: En Face du Parachute (same owners with P. Parc) and Toucan. The latter does this special recipe from Gent with gammon and mustard sauce which is to die for. However, given how much you know about Brussels restaurants, I strongly suspect you’ve already been to these two places!

  • ismini, actually … i haven’t. well that’s a lie 🙂 we have been to toucan, but need to go again. we kind of liked it but not too… have not been to any of the parachutes.

  • bxlblog

    Yamayu Santatsu is indeed excellent and one of the best (if not THE best) Japanese restaurant in Brussels. However, I recommend going with someone who speaks and reads Japanese, as that will provide you with a much more extensive and better menu choices. A full dinner with Sake (they have a good selection) can be quite pricey. Will write a post on my favorite Japanese restaurants soon…

    Thanks for the other tips – will check them out and let you know.