Wish List

… concerning restaurants in Brussels. I realized we have been staying in and generally avoiding the rainy and grey weather for too long. It is time to go out and eat again. My top 5 restaurants not yet tried, but on my wish list are:

Yamayu Santatsu – amongst the well established Japanese restaurants in Brussels. Apparently I should insist on reserving a table down stairs.

Le Fruit Defendu – raving reviews, and every time I pass by it seems to be full/ fully booked.

Le Pain et Le Vin – again a classic amongst restaurant goers. Everyone who’s been there, loved it.

Touraeg – I have probably been reading one too many airplane magazines, and Touraeg seems to always come up. If it’s good enough for a Michelin reviewer…

Parachute Parc – a favorite with locals, and a constant recommendation from one of my colleagues.

What restaurants do you want to go to in Brussels? Which one is your favorite?

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