• I like it a lot! My new ravioli mould…

  • That is beautiful! I like its slight assymetry – is it handmade?

  • My stainless steel pitcher to steam my cappuccino milk

  • rosa, hmm a ravioli mould 🙂
    su-lin, yes it is. love hand made things.
    dennis, very sophisticated

  • Oh! Il love your “Main à sel”. I’ve got one made of acacia wood.
    See photo here:

  • My mortar and pestle!

  • Jill

    My Mandoline…30 days and I still have all my fingers.

  • figswithbri

    I love your salt pot! I need something like that. My favorite kitchen tool is my enamel coated Mexican style hand held lemon juicer. You can see it here:
    It gets every last drop.

  • Bill

    Please tell me one can find a salt cellar like yours! Does whomever handmade it make others?

  • Kel

    Mine is a stainless steel garlic crusher and odour-remover from Dutch designers Royal VKB and a very simple and cool to look at lemon juicer from Muji

  • Love your salt pot! my all-time favourite kitchen gadget will be my Kenwood mixer, my best investment so far!