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It’s been a while. Another very Belgian product – Chimay, Fromage Trappiste. Chimay as probably many know, is a trappist beer. The whole deal about trappist beers? There are only 6 of them in Belgium, brewed under strict trappist rules,  within the walls of a trappist monastery (I’m not joking, only beers brewed within the walls can call themselved trappist beers. It’s all very complicated when it comes to Belgian beers). 

Besides brewing beer, trappist monks also make cheese. Like this Chimay Grand Classic. Believe it or not, I haven’t actually tried this cheese prior to starting this blog. Odd, eh?

I am lucky my local supermarkets actually sell a lot of local produce. Otherwise it would have been the perfect excuse to go to Chimay. Didn’t have to. Both the cheese and the beer from this trappist monastery are readily available in supermarkets big and small. Which means I am now the proud owner of a mini Chimay Grand Classic wheel.

Knowing the Chimay beer quite well, I assumed the cheese will also have a distinct smell and taste. I wasn’t disappointed. The cheese smells, and has a very pronounced taste. Chimay is a semi-hard pressed cheese, with a yellow’y rind, that has been produced since 1876. Delicious. Very rich of course, but a treat.

I have not tried the combination of Chimay Grand Classic cheese with a Chimay. Experience tells me that not all cheeses go with the same ‘name’ beer. But I still have to try it out for myself.

Some recipes using Chimay cheese can be found on the Chimay website. Do you have a favorite cheese?

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