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oven potatoes

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Potatoes. I really like potatoes. There is no way around it. That doesn’t mean I don’t like things like pasta, rice etc, but I really like potatoes. In itself they are also quite versatile, be they boiled, roasted, mashed etc. 

Discovering how tasty (and easy) roasted vegetables are, translates in a lot of roasted veggies for dinner a deux, or dinner parties. Potatoes, carrots, fennel, onions, give me any hard vegetable, I roast. Flavors and textures mix, some fresh herbs (rosemary) and not only do you get a very colorful plate of mixed vegetables, but also a very tasty and healthy one.  

My trick to avoid too much oil/ fat is to chop the vegetables into medium sized pieces, add them to a bowl and then sprinkle 1 or 2 tablespoons of olive oil, enough to coat them. Not more. Some salt and freshly ground pepper, then in the pre-heated oven (usually at 210) for 20min or till done.  

How to serve roasted potatoes differently? The above combination is one thing, but inspiration is always welcome. Which is what intrigued me about Nigel Slater’s recipe for roasted potatoes.  Adding anchovies to roasted potatoes. I never considered that. Couple of potatoes, sliced into wedges. 1 lemon, sliced into wedges. Anchovies here and there. We used one small can, however left any extra salt out. Otherwise you risk having a very salty potato dish. In the oven, at 210C, till golden and roasted. Absolutely delish.  

Do you have a personal twist on roasted potatoes? We are just getting into coating potatoes in semolina flour and then roast them … but more on that another time.

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