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I have been recently tagged for the Fantastic Four meme which has been doing the rounds (more than 4 of it). Sophie, from Mostly Eating passed the 4 meme on to me and three other (food) bloggers. Which actually gave me the chance to discover two new bloggers as well. Sort of your win-win situation. (Oh, and if you don’t know Sophie’s blog, then do check it out as it is delicious and visually inspiring!)

There is only that much left to say. But if you are interested in 4×4 facts about some of my (non-blogging) life, then please enter the Fantastic Four my way.

4 places I have worked in my life: that’s one of the easy questions. Politics tutor at Vesalius College (BU). Language teacher at Berlitz. Marketing assistant at Arrow Communications. Translator for Je Veux du Vin.

4 places I have lived: Saarbruecken (Germany). Brasov (Romania). Paris (France). And currently residing in Brussels (Belgium).

4 random places I have been on holiday: I’m more of a city holidayer, so none of the spectacular adventure holidays here. Helsinki (Finland), Palermo (Italy), Istanbul (Turkey) and Vilamoura (Portugal).

4 of my favorite foods: I think this is one of those trick questions raised amongst food bloggers. Who can define 4 favorite foods? Only? But if I would have to chose, then I’d say tomatoes, cheese (any cheese so please, please don’t make me chose 4), chicken and bread. Plain? Maybe. But my favorite 4’s.

4 places I’d rather be right now: easy – somewhere in the sun, somewhere on the beach, somewhere hot, somewhere exotic. I’m open to suggestions and/ or invitations. Really. I don’t mind. As long as there is sun, sea and sand!

Guess it’s my turn now to pass on the fantastic 4 meme. So to keep things interesting I’ll pass this on to 2 English food bloggers and 2 French ones. With the option (invitation?) to translate this into French so it can be circulated amongst the French food bloggers as well. And the ‘winners’ are Patricia from Technicolor Kitchen and Rosa from Rosa’s Yummy Yums (both English), and Misuko from Tours et Tartines and Celine from Home Made With Love (both French).

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  • Great to learn more about you! Thanks for tagging me and for thinking about me! Unfortunately, I have already done this meme some time ago:



  • Hi Andreea, thanks for picking up the baton! I’m pleased to see you’ve cheated and pick all cheeses as one option like I did – the food question is definitely the hardest isn’t it?

  • I think I’d have to go with cheese and bread as my fav foods too.

  • Well,
    It’s my turn now…

  • belle photo, tres graphique, et vraiment une bonne idee de presentation. merci pour ton passage sur mon site.

    beautiful photograph, very graphic, and really a good idea of presentation. thank you for your passage on my site.

  • You’ve lived in a lot of different places – I wish I had!