Urban Sardines

3 sardines

Grow your own. Urban vegetables. A garden? In the city? Quite difficult that. But after agreeing that herbs count as vegetables too (as own grown) I was in. Hooked on the idea. GYO. But I’ll let you discover the GYO event on your own.

urban vegBack to my very own Brussels ‘garden’ and the couple of herbs we grow. That is when we don’t manage to kill … mint. Mint. Of all the herbs in the world. Have you ever killed mint? No, I didn’t think so.

Anyhow. We are currently the proud owners of a rosemary plant, a mint plant (still alive), a thyme plant, an oregano plant and the surprise of the summer, a sage plant. Why surprise? Because it basically took over all the planting space.

Urban sardines. Why this title you ask? Well it’s all about urban herbs. And the sardines are city (bought) sardines too. Very much in season. And very rarely cooked in our household. Although so delicious when fresh. Memories of fresh sardines, simply served with some boiled potatoes in Portugal still linger. Combining the two was not only so (so!) easy, but from almost nothing we created a delicious, flavoursome and light dinner. Sardines on toast. I know. As old as the world of cooking. But if you haven’t actually tried them at home, do. The recipe was courtesy of Mark Sargeant. Online mind you, as we don’t actually ‘know’ him.


Very simple. Some fresh sardines. Some fresh cherry tomatoes. Some fresh garlic. Oh and the urban herb du jour, thyme. Grilled, toasted, roasted, drizzled and voila, the perfect summer dinner. Really. Perfect. Urban sardines. For a very urban couple. Growing (their own) urban herbs.

If a city’er, any urban herbs you grow and love?

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