Mon Weekend a Moi


This is my weekend. With a busy week behind, and nothing (!) planned this weekend I can simply relax and blissfully enjoy my weekend. What will I do? Well there is the ever-growing pile of magazines I read. Magazine junkie? Moi? Never. It seems I have neglected the written food world for a while. Magazines – English, French, Dutch and courtesy of a business trip to the USA, American as well – have piled up. So much inspiration to go through. So much food for thought.

Then there is the ever growing, inspirational and so beautiful world of food blogs. Thanks to BlogDay I have discovered even more food blogs which share the same passion: food and more food. Many recipes have caught my eye, and even more blog posts are waiting to be read (thank you rss!).

I wonder. Anything else? Maybe a nice cup of tea. Or even better, a nice cup of hot chocolate. Too early for a glass of wine. Oh, and definitely some beer later at the Belgian Beer Weekend. And then more food (magazines). Tomorrow probably a short visit to the market. Then back to more foodie inspiration, relaxing and blissfully doing … nothing.

What have you planned this weekend?

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  • Mine is pretty much the same!!! Lots of food magazines to look at and read… I am a magazine addict!

  • I have planned to go through a pile of magazines, cut out, whats worth to be kept and throw away the rest. kind regards robert

  • Baking , baking, baking and more baking! Glad to meet a fellow European! My dad’s ancestors are Flammish and I had the chance to visit Brussels with a friend a while back. Gorgeous city!

  • Pat

    Andrea, thanks for visiting my blog. Oh I too love reading magazines and cookbooks too!! And when we take a trip that is one of the first things I look for to take home with me. I have been to Brugge, but not Brussels yet, maybe someday.

  • Joelle

    Ah … what a nice thought … a magazine weekend! Unfortunately, it’s diet-food magazines for me … but also full of inspiration.

  • blissfully doing nothing…yummm… over the weekend i was in barcelona restaurant-hopping and retrieving all my cookbooks from boxes from a kind friend who let me store my junk 🙂