Restaurant Extravaganza

resto Now if I would be between 18 – 25 years old I’d knew exactly where to eat out the week of 17 – 23 September. Alas, I’m not. Nor do I probably look it, so I won’t be benefiting from the jeunes gourmets .

What is this all about you ask? Well, top restaurants around Belgium join in spirit for one week and offer a 5 course menu (drinks included) for 35euro. (I mean, hello, 35 euros?!). That is if you are lucky enough to be between 18 – 25. And if you are, GO!

Really, top restaurants offering top food which otherwise is close to impossible to afford … Maybe I am being melodramatic (a bit!) but it is a great opportunity to discover really great food at a very decent price. Which I guess is great if you are into food. And if you are not into food, you will be. Reservations opened on the 3rd September. A must.

Oh, and please, please let me know if you go! Woud be great to know how such a gourmet dinner is for you young people 🙂

More info (FR and NL)

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  • Tiffany

    Just discovered your site and boomarked it, should be very handy as we just moved closer to Brussels (from Antwerp). My mother is in town and we will be in Brussels this evening for some sightseeing… royal palace, grand place, etc. Could you recommend any restaurants around that area (that aren’t tourist traps)? Thanks so much!

  • hello tiffany. welcome 🙂
    the museumbrasserie is great, a little on the expensive side though (at the musee des beaux arts).
    you have the st gery square and a lot of restaurants there. antoine dansaert is a nice area with good restaurants. for more expenisve dining try the sablon area. the rest is just chosing a restaurants according to your taste 🙂

  • Tiffany

    Thanks! We ended up going back to my friend’s neighborhood (Boisfort, near the International School) and eating at a wonderful place called Le Hasard du Temps. It was wonderful! I had vegetable carpacio, dorade with julianne vegetables and macaroons, and then peaches with basil (so good!) for dessert. The others ordered Argentinian beef, delicious! You should try it…

  • Haelim

    hi andrea! thanks for reminding me about the upcoming event. I’d love any recommendations you might have to choose from the list of participating restaurants. Feel free to email me if you have a chance! thanks

  • haelim, top of my head (and in brussels) i’ll try the comme chez soi, just because!

    then j.l.pigneur, le loup galant, sea grill radisson sas (i think it has a michelin star and is otherwise SO expensive!) and switch

    let me know if you go to any and what they serve, how it was etc 🙂 bon ap

  • Tim

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