Perfect Pears


Perfect, home grown pears. The story so far? Neighbouring pear tree. Perfectly ripe pears. Now residing in our fruit bowl. Which kind of means: lots of pears, not a lot of imagination. I love pears, however I realized that overall I am not a big pear user.

Any ideas where to start? Of course all attempts will be eventually on-line here. Savory as well as sweet ideas are more than welcome. Peary perfect. How have you used pears lately?

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  • Sara

    Bonjour Andreea,

    I JUST used some ripe pears in a baby spinach salad with pan-toasted pine nuts, bleu cheese, endives, orange bell pepper, and a creamy basalmic olive oil dressing. (I use the Alpro soya creme.) C’est bon! I would also recommend the book: Everybody East Well in Belgium by Ruth Van Waerebeek if you don’t have it yet. ;0) I’m pretty positive there’s a recipe in there to use pears too. Although I haven’t used the book since my wedding reception!



  • Pears and blue cheese is always a nice combination. Or a combination with espresso.

    We also got a pear tree in our garden. But unfortunately the amount of pears I can actually harvest is small.

  • pear sorbet (prepared like an apple sorbet) with Williams ?

  • sara, that is such a good idea. i did think of the blue cheese, but not the spinach and pine nuts
    dennis, pears and espresso? need to know more 🙂
    robert, that should be a winner. now all i have to do is look up a pear sorbet recipe. grazie.

  • You can stew the pears in espresso. Serve with some chocolate and a scope of vanille ice cream.

  • I’m particularly fond of pear tart, so maybe that’d be a good start, you could do what we do (northwestern Mexico) and stack the pastry, some cheese and then the fruit, we use this mainly with apples or pears; the cheese however should be hmm.. that’s kind of difficult to describ, but let’s say that something not too fatty, nor aged… well, that’s the basic structure and you can sprinkle the slices of fruit with some brown sugar and/or cinnamon.
    And you may try them with some cheese, nuts and honey, always a good treat.
    Or how about a skewer… wrap a cube of pear with some prosciutto (or similar ham), follow that with some cheese maybe wrapped in a basil leaf and follow that with… aaahh I think you get the idea, and the possibilities are close to endless with this.

  • Pear dessert is so tasty! I think it is a French cuisine. The pears cooked with red wine and suger (preferably brow sugar)

  • Ooh – I wish I had such a lovely bounty of pears! I have two favourite pear recipes. Firstly, I make a tart with puff pastry and almond frangipane. I love the combination of the ground almonds with the pears.
    Secondly, I poach them with a vanilla pod and a little star anise, then serve them sliced with a slightly salty caramel sauce. Divine.
    Hope you have fun using up your crop of pears!

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