Very Belgian – Le Pottekeis

cheese bread

Simple and delicious. Granted, it took me about 10 years to finally try this cheese combination out, but no regrets.  

Apparently a very Belgian (Brussels) snack, the pottekeis is … well, a cheese sandwich. Mixing together fromage blanc and  fromage de Bruxelles = pottekeis.

When I say Brussels speciality though, do not expect to find this in every bar (which is what I thought at first). You are more likely to find the assiette fromage (cheese platter), assiette saucisse (dry sausage platter) or the assiette mixte (guess).  

Belgium is all about beer snacks. If a bar does offer the pottekeis, then try it out. A little salty at first, this sandwich is Brussels: a mix of cheese, some freshly ground pepper and if lucky, radishes. A real snack, which goes lovely with beer on a sunny afternoon. I simply enjoyed it like that, no beer, but extra radishes. Very sympa. Do you have a favorite beer (drinks) snack?


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  • A nice snack! If I choose to drink a beer, I usually take “Salzstangen”…

  • beautiful image… interesting combination. my fav beer snack is edamame with salt. I acquired the taste in college with my Japanese friends.

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  • Petzouillexa (Brussels, Belgique)

    NO NO NO, it’s not “pottekeis” but “Plattekees”!!!!!
    Indeed it’s excellent. Its a fromage blanc on a slice of bread, with fresh young onions and raddish slices, salt and pepper. It’s very light and fresh, with a lager beer (Jupiler) on a terrasse in the summer, nothing can beat that…

    About the “portion fromage, portion salami et portion mixte” it’s not a meal, it’s a snck to give you thirst in bars with your beer…
    The cheese is generally made of cubes of Passendael cheese or gouda. they generally put du “sel de céléri” with it. (it’s a kind of vegetary salt and you put just a little bit of it on the cheese).
    Withe the salami one it’s the same but they give you mustard with it. Mixte is a mix of both…

    • Gregor

      Pottekeis is what you get when you mix Plattekees (also “fromage blanc” or “maquée”) with Ettekeis (fromage de Bruxelles). Ettekeis had disappeared from the market for about a year when the two remaining producers gave up, but now it has come back – it is now produced by Hervé. I bought one from Colruyt, and it is not bad. Now I am mixing it with Werbomont organic plattekeis (“maquée” in French) for my first Pottekeis in two years.

  • karien


    I’m from Belgium and another thing that is famous here are the little shrimps : noordzeegarnalen and our famour beer and many other things !