Wok Side Story

wokOh common, you can’t tell me you don’t find this funny: Wok (!) Side Story. I think the title is great.

Ok, on to what it is all about (sorry, again more Brussels news than anything else) – an Asian festival of flavors, music and more to take place this weekend, 21 – 23 September, on Place Saint Josse. I am more than interested in the Asian food demonstrations and tastings, so will mostly likely drop by.

Another foodie event worth a visit (same weekend) is the Pineau sur Rue. Based around the Pineau de Charentes, the event promises tastings, food stalls and a fun event, la Course de Garçons de Cafe (the waiters run).

And last but not least, the marché bio on Place des Palais, and a giant picnic of over 1000sqm. Well that’s something, no?

A food and drink filled weekend. Any other suggestions how to enjoy this September weekend, here in Brussels?

Any other foodie events you know of, in and around Brussels?

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