Death by Triple Chocolate Muffins


Oh, you think it’s impossible? Death by chocolate? Everything is possible! You think the muffin looks innocent? Wrong again. That muffin hides three types of chocolate. Not one, or two, three! Death by chocolate I tell you.

How did we get this far? There is of course the love for all things chocolate. I mentioned it before, but I’ll repeat it again: we so happen to live in the land of chocolat. Temptation at every corner. Every year. Then there was a certain email asking if I would like to take part in the Stop the Traffik event. Yes, please, I would very much like to take part.

Fairtrade chocolate. How often do you buy fairtrade chocolate? Really?


Or, how often do you ask your chocolatier where the cocoa comes from? Let me start by answering (and admitting): never! Which is why this event is not only a lot of fun (I’ll come to the death by chocolate x 3), but also very important. Raising awareness of fairtrade is something that can be sweet as well.

My own experience with fairtrade chocolate. Not a very happy one. We recently tried out a new supermarket. Our usual supermarkets are GB (well, Carrefour really) and Delhaize. Purely a question of proximity. For a change we went to Champions. Loved it. Clean, airy, great butcher etc. Back to the chocolate though. Please note, we live in the country of chocolate. Entire aisles of chocolate heaven are a regular sight.

Well, guess what? We could only fine ONE fairtrade chocolate bar. ONE. Amongst all the chocolate out there, of which notably the reference chocolate. ONE. Can you understand chocolatethe shock? Granted, I have not actually looked for fairtrade chocolate before, so I wasn’t sure what I will find. I know, I didn’t expect to find only one fairtrade chocolate . The best 74% dark chocolate.

However for a triple chocolate muffin I needed three chocolates. I settled for 2 bars dark fairtrade chocolate, and one bar white chocolate. Out of curiosity though, do you buy fairtrade chocolate? I have been paying extra attention now to fairtrade chocolate availability, and the choice seems to be incredibly limited. One fairtrade chocolate per supermarket? Too little for a conscious consumer who still wants to enjoy the joys of chocolate. Or a triple chocolate muffin that is.


Tripe Chocolate Muffins (adapted from Olive, October 2007)

300gr self raising flour

100gr caster sugar

250ml milk

1 egg

60gr butter, melted

1tbsp vanilla extract

100gr each of dark, milk and white (fairtrade) chocolate, broken up


Heat the oven to 200C/ gas 6. Line a muffin tin with paper cases. Mix the flour and sugar in a large bowl. In a second bowl whisk together the milk, egg and melted butter. Add the milk mixture and the chocolate into the flour mixture, and use a large metal spoon to gently combine. Be careful not to over mix. You want it a bit lumpy. Divide the muffin mixture between the paper cases and bake for 25min. Makes 10.


Now, of course, we all know written recipe is one thing, real experience another. Things that were different: of course my muffin tin was a 12 hole one (sounds almost like golf) so I had a lot of smaller muffins. I think it would have also been better to butter the paper cases. Another change I would bring to the recipe? The broken up chocolate: the pieces were too big and didn’t get the chance to really melt into the muffin. So next time it is either smaller pieces, or chocolate buttons.


Other than that? The muffins tasted delicious. White chocolate in a hot muffin? Simply divine. And it all felt good as well! So do you buy fairtrade chocolate? What is your favorite chocolate dessert? I am curious to know. You guessed it: I love chocolate. Do not forget to check out all the stop the traffik entries after 5 October over at R Khooks.

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