Last Summer Picnic

pic nic

After a sun deprived summer, the first days of autumn have been absolutely gorgeous. Sunny, warm, and inviting. We have been spending more time outside now, than all summer cumulated.

I have been going on and on about having a picnic in the park. I mean talking endlessly about it since about 2005. Yes, yes. It does take sometimes a very long time to put ideas into practice. I always found the idea of a picnic, all kinds of finger food, drinks, warm woolly jumpers very appealing. Photos of picnics in the green, of smiling people and children playing, of the savory and sweet, very Burberry.

Every year, in September, Brussels goes through a car free Sunday. A breath of fresh air, a lot of mad cyclists, in the city. Different events are organized all over the city, and when the sun is shining, the city does indeed become irresistible. One of the events this year was Bruxelles Champetre. Village life in the heart of Brussels. Animals, local producers, and a giant green turf placed just in front of the Royal Palace. For a giant city picnic.

So ok, I know I have been talking about a picnic for a while, but we are not that cliche. Instead of joining the city for a picnic, we set up our own version in the Royal Parc. From the Gascony in Brussels fair, we bought foie gras and a Domain de Laguille white wine. From local producers present at Bruxelles Champetre we bought a variety of dry sausages and wonderful goats cheeses. Absolutely gorgeous bread. And finally organic red wines from Votre Marche Vert, an organic shop not far away from where we live. All in all a wonderful (if not home made) picnic to celebrate the last days of sun. Everyone loved it.

Did you enjoy Bruxelles Champetre? How have you been spending the last sunny days this year?

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