Environmental Food (Blogging)

Bloggers Unite - Blog Action Day Today is Blog Action Day. Which made me think: how green am I when it comes to food (cooking)? What do I do for the environment? Easy question. Difficult answer. Let me cut it short and tell you how my green foodie life looks like. Not excessive, but green (or maybe sustainable?) enough. Somehow common sense and climate changed caught up with me and I have been slowly bringing changes to my life. Such as…

My (non) stylish reusable carrier bag. Unlike other supermarkets in more advanced green societies, Belgian ones (at least some) still have free plastic bags on offer. Nowadays I am constantly carrying at least one reusable bag with me so I don’t need to rely on the supermarket freebies.

Glass bottles. Whenever possible, we tend to buy our juice/ milk/ etc in glass bottles. Which we then bring to the bottle bank. If we have to buy plastic, then all of it goes into the blue recycling bag.

Hmm, fairtrade chocolate? I need to work on that.

Air miles. Well, more like not adding to air miles. Mark specifically is very strict on the source of the meat, vegetables and fruit we buy, so we always make sure they are from Belgium (first choice, or the countries around (second choice). Although I have to admit I simply can not resist avocados. And I know they don’t grow in Belgium.

Energy saving. Like on everything. Everywhere in the house. And saving water. Super energy and water saving dishwasher.

Walking. I am not kidding here. We are very keen public transport ‘explorers’, despite owning a car. Weekends though are for rest, so the car sleeps in the garage and we opt for public transport. Shopping is also done mostly without the car (except when we do the BIG shopping).

And I am sure there must be some other mini green moves, but … perhaps I could (should) do more. What do you do to be or stay green?

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