Creamy Polenta. Wild Mushrooms.


I could easily just leave it at that, and let the photo talk. Creamy polenta, wild mushrooms and Parmesan shavings. But I simply have to tell you how wonderful and comforting this dish was.

How did it all start? Well I am currently going through my pile of magazines, which due to work and a lot of travelling has increased (good!), but also got a little out of date (bad!). Which means that now I am going every evening through one, take note of the recipes to try, go absolutely ga-ga over the photography, and usually when I finish reading am completely hungry. The circle of magazine reading.

This particular recipe, although it does not actually involve a lot of technique or anything complicated, was published in a recent number of olive. Which means I quickly rustled it up for lunch on Saturday. In between a lot of planning, reading, and general house stuff. Usually I have these ingredients in house, so I will remember the recipe when I need a quick lunch/ dinner solution. The only thing I would do different? Probably add a creamier, richer cheese that goes all gooey and stringy when combined with the hot polenta (you know what I mean).

And yes, it’s the same plate I used here and here. I need new props. Urgently. Any ideas?

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