Blog Stats and Scones

On occasion I’ll take the time to go through my blog stats and see who is coming from where, who is looking for what. Sort of the hidden life of my blog. Some of the search engine terms people use to get to Glorious Food and Wine:

  1. What to eat with Belgian beer. Naturally.
  2. Salty almonds. For all the Heroes fans out there.
  3. Figs, Parma ham, and honey. A classic.
  4. I’m dreaming of chocolate Christmas. Me too.
  5. Scones don’t rise. Really?!
  6. Sardines on toast. With an urban twist.
  7. Cheese festival in Spain. I want to go too.
  8. Months with an ‘r’. The golden rule.
  9. Mmmh. Well…
  10. Belgian lover. No comment!

What is the last search engine term that made you laugh on your blog?

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