Pears and Apples. Pie

pear pie

Isn’t autumn just the best season? The colours. The mild sunshine. The richness at the farmers market: vegetables and fruit in their full glory. A pleasure for the eyes, for the taste buds, less so for the waist line (hello stews – bye, bye waist line!). Anyway …

For the first time in a very long time we had an unlimited access to fruit. Pears to be exact. The initial happiness soon vanished though as pears have to be used fast. And we have a lot of them. A lot. After some or the other recipe, tried and tested, we also got inventive. I don’t mean anything fancy. Sort of ready-steady-pear. What could we produce with the ingredients on hand?

pear pie

What about a pear and apple pie? Apples? Where do the apples come from? Well courtesy of a work colleague, who happens to have an apple tree in the back garden. (How cool is that?) A meeting of sorts you can only have in autumn: Pears, please meet Apples. Apples, please meet Pears.

There is really no recipe as such I can share with you. Perhaps some of the beauty (and yum-factor) of this pie was that it happened purely based on instincts and taste bud action. Oh, and guilt free express cooking. Ever since watching Nigella Express, I’m ok admitting that at times I am all about short cuts. Come autumn, come shorter days.

Ready made puff pastry. Please tell me I am not the only one using it as an ‘instead of’? Other than that, I peeled and cored both apples and pears, and chopped them into small chunks. I used a rectangular cake tin, just to change from the usual round one. You can use any shape you want. After lining the tin with grease proof paper, I rolled out the puff pastry. Then covered the pastry with the pears and apple mixture. Another layer of puff pastry. Another layer of pears and apple mixture.

In between I sprinkled some cinnamon and brown sugar, and added some raisins. It really is all a matter of taste so anything could work. I am even thinking a savory tart maybe? A pear and blue cheese mixture, some pine nuts, again some raisins, in the oven. Worth a try. Any other ideas what could be done with on hand ingredients?

This post is also a contribution to this month’s Grow Your Own over at Andrea’s Recipes.

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