Savoury Tarts. Brunch.

 egg pie

Brunch. Probably my favorite part of the day … weekend to be precise. I would be a lady who brunches. That much is for sure. Of course reality bites, so I am very much a lady who works, has a quick lunch, and then back to work. On the other hand weekends are entirely dedicated to what I enjoy most, and that includes a nice brunch. It can be a quick pasta, I can be almost a whole day in Pain Quotidien.

Past weekend we had a wonderful weather. Sunny, freezing cold, a crisp autumn feel in the air. I love those kind of days. Curled up on the couch, some TV, some hot tea, some wonderful toast. You get the picture. There and then I got my inspiration for my brunch (is it just me, or are you thinking of food all the time as well?). What about some cute mini egg tarts slash/ quiche, with the left over mushrooms? Of course, it did help to have the Cuisine et Vins no. 117 on hand as well … which means + recette francais.

I sort of followed the recipe and sort of added my own touch. Cream? No, I used milk. I also added some peas and some finely chopped sun dried tomatoes I had left over. The rest very much as described in the recipe. Mini, colourful and delicious. Served with a simple leafy salad on the side, voila, brunch. And as always I am amazed what a ‘wow’ effect one can get with the simplest of ingredients … and don’t they look just cute in mini format? And they tasted great as well.

egg tart

Mini brunch tarts (serves 4)

250gr mushrooms
20cl cream (or milk)
1 small onion, finely chopped
20gr butter
4 eggs
nutmeg, salt and pepper

Preheat the oven to gas mark 6-7 (200C). Butter the individual molds if you use them. You could also cook/ bake this tart in one go, one pan. Peel and finely chop the onion. Wash the mushrooms, then roughly chop them and boil them for 2min in boiling, salted water. Season well.

Heat a frying pan, add the butter and the onion, then the mushrooms. Count on 15min till the mushrooms are done.

Break the eggs in a bowl, then beat till fluffy with the milk (or cream if using it). Add any (all) the extra ingredients: peas, sun dried tomatoes, bacon perhaps? Season well. Then add the mushroom and onion mixture. Pour the mixture into the molds or the one pan. Place the molds onto a tray filled with hot water, then cook them in bain-marie till done (20min or so).

I have to admit I did not go through what I thought would be a complicated bain-marie process for a leisurely brunch … so I simply placed the molds onto a tray, and in the oven. Watching the oven like a hawk, just in case.

Brunching in style, that’s what I like. What is your favorite brunch food?


… and as promised, a short French version.

Flans aux Trompetter-des-Morts (pour 4 personnes)

250gr de trompettes des morts
20cl de creme liquide
1 petite échalote
20gr de beurre + un peu pour les moules
4 oeufs
1 pincée de noix muscade
sel et poivre

Préchauffez le four à th. 6-7 (200C) et beurrez des moules individuels. Pelez l’échalote et hachez-la. Coupez les pieds des champignons, lavez ces dernier à grande eau plusieurs fois, puis faites-les blanchir 2min à l’eau bouillante salée. Egouttez-les soigneusement.

Faites chauffer le beurre dans une poele, mettez-y l’échalote à fondre 5min puis ajoutez les trompettes. Comptez alors 15min de cuisson, en remuant.

Cassez les oeufs dans une saladier, et battez-les en omelette, ajoutez la créme. Salez, poivrez, parfumez de muscade et ajoutez les champignons. Répartissez dans les moules.

Posez les moules dans un plat à demi rempli d’eau chaude et enfournez ce bain-marie pour 20min. Servez chaud ou tiède.

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