Viva M’Boma

Not much of a restaurant when you look at it from the outside, is it? Well perception can be deceitful. Actually it is very much of a restaurant, and a really great one on top of it.

Viva M'Boma review by @onfoodandwine

The story so far

Viva M’Boma. Confused? So were we. Meaning ‘vive la grandmere’ (long live the grandmother) in bruxellois, the old dialect of Brussels. Viva M’Boma is currently reviewed everywhere by everyone. We knew more about Viva M’Boma before we even located it on the Brussels map, let alone go and eat there.

Raving reviews on the side, we finally decided to go and eat at Viva M’Boma. The Rue de Flandre is fast becoming a very popular destination down town, with plenty of bars being revamped, and restaurants opened. Viva M’Boma is no exception. The restaurant is cleverly located in an old triperie (sorry but there doesn’t seem to be an English translation to this. It means something like a tripery, which would be a butcher selling mainly offal). Which fits in nicely with the need of locals for something new, and the menu which is entirely Belgian.

First impressions 

At first we were a little put off by the cold, almost clinical tiled walls but the atmosphere inside makes up for this. The restaurant was full so booking in advance might be useful.

Viva M'Boma review by @onfoodandwine

The food

The menu was the next surprise. Entirely Belgian, with dishes I didn’t know existed and others I probably won’t ever try. A choice of starters, between 7.50euro and 8.50euro. Mains: veal kidney, vol au vent, pot au feu, or horse steak with a choice of frites or stoemp. All between 10,00euro and 18,00euro. And finally very Belgian desserts, such as tarte au sucre, speculoos icecream, and of course the mousse au chocolat (all desserts are 5.25euro).

We ordered two dishes not tried or cooked before: the pot au feu, with the spoon carefully placed in the bone (very cool) and an absolutely heavenly rich liver with creamy mushroom sauce. Naturellement, frites and stoemp. And if this didn’t kill us, then dessert did: a tarte au sucre and a speculoos ice cream. Somewhere in between, we died and made it to Belgian heaven.

Service with a smile/ The verdict 

If you are in for a truly Belgian experience, that comes along with a laid back atmosphere, friendly service and great food, then go to Viva M’Boma. You won’t regret anything but the calories (perhaps …). Plus you get to continue the evening with a drink at one of the many bars around.

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Viva M’Boma: Rue de Flandre 17, 1000 Bruxelles, Tel: 02/512 15 93

 disclaimer – all photos are from the Viva M’Boma website 

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  • It may have changed since you’ve been there!
    I was there yesterday and while I agree with you on the food, the service was awfull.

    Maybe the boss (a woman) was ill-minded yesterday but I have never had such an unpleasant experience!
    We paid 60 euros per person including wine and were treated worse than at Mc Donald’s.

    Never, never again!

    • you don’t know what you are talking about. of course if you are a fast food ignorant than don’t go. viva m’boma is one of the most authentic brussels restaurants where the real food is served

  • Relax everyone – this is Belgium, not the USA – service is terrible everywhere! it’s like France!

  • I don´t know if it ´s a coincindence but I also have been there yesterday and the service was really terrible! Not only the woman who was in fact the most unkind but also the waiters. Me and two friends of mine were kicked to leave the restaurant after asked for starters, main course, desert and wine. Although the food was very good, they could spoil all our night! If Belgium is this I won´t come back!

  • Ups! I saw the comment about “yesterday” and I didn´t realize that comment was posted on August. I´ve been there really yesterday, yesterday… eheheh

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