I Scream. White Chocolate Ice Cream.

ice cream

“Sometimes I am afraid to admit that I love white chocolate.” This is how David Lebovitz starts his white chocolate ice cream post in The Perfect Scoop. Well … personally I don’t like white chocolate. Which made me very skeptical at the whole idea of white chocolate ice cream. But I absolutely loved, loved, loved the white chocolate ice cream. Loved!

I love ice cream. Full stop. Really. I could live off ice cream. And I’ll admit I don’t mean feather weight ‘pretends’, like  sorbets or granitas. Full fat gorgeous creamy melt in your mouth ice cream. The real deal. Give me ice cream on a daily basis and I won’t complain. Reasoning tells me not to (and I don’t eat ice cream on a daily basis. Sadly.) but face me with ice cream and all my will, my determination? Pooof. Gone.

Meet the ice cream machine. Making a dream come true Christmas past. The odd-one out kitchen appliance. Till we discovered the magic within. And started making ice cream. Of course classics such as (dark) chocolate, strawberry and speculoos were first. Then we got the ice cream bug. Wanted more, different flavors, inspiration. So we got the book. Holly … ice cream!

Not sure where to start, we went through different ice cream making strategies. Page by page? Alphabetically? Alcohol first? Finally cravings got the better of us. Which is why after making the heavenly chocolate ice cream, we went for the white chocolate ice cream. Whole milk, egg yolks, heavy cream and … white chocolate. The recipe is pretty much straight forward.  I’ll admit that much though: we finished the ice cream a while ago, and while I am writing this I can still feel the taste. Yum!

One last thing: if you like ice cream, then you need this book. Not like, enjoy etc. Need. And as we are at ice cream, what is your favorite flavor?

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