Bacon. Gorgonzola. Pasta.

pasta bacon

I should have called this leftover pasta. It was as delicious as it looks, and even easier to make. A no brainer, but a wonderful lunch. I guess sometimes these are the best dishes, right? Simply tossed together, flavors mixing, the right dish at the right moment in time (lunch) and the world is all ok.

What is this pasta all about? Well, the famous radiatori cooked to perfection. Sliced bacon, and cubed Gorgonzola. Some flat leaf parsley on top. And a drizzle of olive oil, just because. I think what mostly amazed me about this dish, and its wow taste factor, was that all ingredients were in the fridge/ pantry right on hand. Sometimes I simply do not make a lot of use of what I already have in my kitchen. That’s a lesson learned.

What do you cook out of left overs? Your last minute signature come-home-late dish? Note to myself – I should eventually write about my midnight after-party (after-drinks) meals. Delicious leftover meals. And they never taste better than after midnight.

Bacon-Gorgonzola-Pasta, for Pasta Presto Night at Once Upon a Feast.

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