Party Time. Suggestions?


We usually have 2 parties a year. One is a summer party, one is a pre-winter holiday seazon party. We used to have birthday parties as well, but figured that travelling for ones birthday is a better way to celebrate.

This year we did not have a summer. Which means we did not have a summer party. Which means double the pressure for the party this weekend. Simply put: we have a theme, and we have some food ‘rules’. (And no, I don’t mean the only clear drinks rule so brilliantly staged in SATC.)

The theme: it’s all about razzle dazzle before we hit the Christmas period. We opted for a gold, silver and black theme of stars, and candles, and confetti, and glitter, and glamour. So if you are at any point looking for gold and silver dinner accessories in Brussels, drop me a line. I’ll probably know exactly where you need to go.

The food: well, here it gets tricky. We have decided that we will only have finger-food. By this I mean more specifically we will not provide any knifes, forks or spoons. Or plates for that matter. Everything needs to be bite sized. And obviously, delicious.

Delicious. The key word here. Your suggestions and tips will be wonderful. Anything goes. Anything with a twist, with a slight ‘wow’ factor, we’ll take it on board.

To give you an idea of what I have in mind so far, and where the food blogosphere comes in very handy:

Of course there will be cheese, a quiche, and olives. Unfortunately not home cured. On the sweet side of finger food:

  • I love these. And I will be trying my hand at Nigella’s no fuss fudge as well.

  • Most likely the brownies will see a come back.

  • Also, don’t the mince pies in the last issue of delicious look simply superb?

But this is just the tip of the iceberg party. We have over 30 people ready to party, so please keep those suggestions coming. And I promise I’ll share them all with you post-party (and post-hangover!).

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