Plum Pie Going Topless.

plum knife

This whole tart vs. pie … very difficult concept! I guess it has more to do with my non-native English than anything else. However, once I read all about the topless tart it started to make sense.

October/ November/ December are not what I would call easy months. Seems the (working) world forgets that every year has the same 12 months and concentrates absolutely everything in the last 3. Not done by yesterday? Hrmpf! What does this mean to us?

That cooking is not done at a leisurely pace, for pleasure. Lately we had more a ‘we have to eat’ attitude. I don’t like it, but we got to eat and time is not on our side. Which is why this tart business was sort of a blessing in disguise. When reading this month’s Waiter … details over at CookSister I was sure we’ll never get to tart it this month. Then I thought about Nigella’s express way and remembered the pastry we had in the freezer.

plum tart

The rest was pretty much straight forward. We had a couple of plums in the house, which I cut into quarters. A little butter, a little sugar, a lot of Port together with the plums, on the heat for about 5min. In the meantime the pastry (thawed) was resting in the pre-heated oven (200C). I placed the plum mixture on top of the pastry. Wrapped the edges. Added some butter here and there, sprinkled some brown sugar over the plums, and brushed the pastry with 1 beaten egg. In the oven for 25min. And we had our very own topless plum tart. Fast and delicious.

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