Mini Mince Pies. Party On.

[Glorious Food and Wine is currently on holiday in Brazil (yey!). Enjoy the pies, enjoy the winter holiday countdown, enjoy Christmas, Happy New Year and I hope you’ll drop by for some republications till we hit 2008. Thank you for all your visits and comments. It has been once again an amazing foodie year!]

mince pies

Predictably, this is an entry for la revolucion.

For all the hectic times to follow come Christmas, here is a mini mince pies tip: make some short crust pastry. Buy a jar of mince meat. Buy a mini muffins tray (if you don’t already have one!).

Roll out the pastry. Cut little stars/ circles out. Carefully place each pastry cut out on top of the mini muffin holes. Softly press them in (I used the back of a spoon handle, which was rounded), add some mine meat, in the oven. Honestly they don’t take more than 7min to cook and you’ll have wonderful, mini Christmas mince pies. Delish! Enjoy, and Merry Christmas.

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