Greek Salad. Zorba.

[Glorious Food and Wine is currently on holiday in Brazil (yey!). This is a republication of a post originally published in May 2006]

The sun is finally coming to Brussels as well, so I think we will stay for a while in the Mediterranean-cooking zone. With summer knocking on the door, it is a pleasure to discover the markets again, to buy seasonal vegetables, take in the different smells and drown in the colours of spring. The sudden change in the dishes we cook is also amazing. From stews and one-pot dinners with a lot of flavour – but less colour – we now moved to a symphony of colours on the plate. It’s like food design every evening chez nous. We sometimes are tempted to buy food that matches in colours, rather than to buy food for … food.

Salads are now (again) my favourites. I love tossing some rucola with balsamic vinegar and shrimps together. Or a simple mixed vegetables salad with eggs and bacon. The classic one – you know which one I mean – mozzarella, tomatoes, basil and olives. Of course adding the Italian twist now: sun dried tomatoes.

And so on. I am sure you get the picture.

One such salad – again, an all time, foolproof classic – is the Greek salad. After a short visit to the Sunday market, and fresh produce in the house, the Greek salad in the picture was born. I assume the picture says it all: toss the cheese, the olives, the tomatoes, onions together, season with plenty olive oil, salt and pepper. Enjoy in the sun!

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