Brazil. Glorious Food and Wine 2008.


Brazil. Brazil was everything we expected. And then some more. An amazing holiday, which I am sure I’ll share bits and pieces of with you. Simply and truly amazing.

Thank you all for all the comments and thoughts left over the past weeks (has it already been more than a month?). It was a pleasure reading them from afar, caipirinha in one hand, sunglasses on, sand on my feet.

And despite how much and dearly we love this blog, it also felt wonderful to take a break from all things www. Which is why it is so great to be back, full of ideas and plans for my 2008 foodie year. Some great things happening in the blogosphere which I can’t wait to read about. Wonderful recipes and photography to look at, read, try out. Newcomers to visit online. A great ‘Adopt a Blogger’ event, I am part of. New restaurants which are waiting to be tried out. And over 11 months to go.

A very happy foodie new year indeed.

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  • I’d love to go to Brazil! The food there must be scrumptious!



  • It’s great to read something like that – I’m so glad to know you liked my country!

  • Welcome back 🙂

  • ABN

    Happy 2008!

    How about an update of Belgian Beers? I can give you a hand…

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  • Such a lovely blog!
    How is your adopt a blogger going? I hope you two are hitting it off!