Leek and Potato Soup. And February.


Somehow January came and went. It’s already February. The good thing about this fast moving aspect? Days are getting longer, and longer. An extra minute of light there, another minute here. Not only does it mean my life improves in terms of waking up (!), but also there is that little chance that I could catch some light in the evening to take one or two photos. Like the one above. Maybe not the best one (difficult to photograph soups, don’t you think?) but at least I didn’t have to use a flash!

The bad thing? Rain, and wind, and more rain and wind. Days are grey and cold and wet. Which means only one thing: hearty, comforting soups. 

Part of our new year resolutions was to continue ‘going local’, but also to start buying more consciously seasonal produce. Last year I subscribed to eat the seasons, which is a great source of what is in season, and what to look for.  Sometimes it helps to have all the seasonal food listed for you. All I need to do is look for it at the market and buy it.

Which brings me to leeks and potatoes. Two of my favorite foods? Well, so and so. I love potatoes, but I rarely know what to do with leeks. Except, of course combine them with mussels. However buying the products now based on somewhat weekly lists, saw us with leeks and potatoes in the house.

Not long ago, I also read a delicious recipe on leek and potato soup, so the universe aligned, I made the above leek and potato soup. On our side, we went a little easier on the cream and full fat milk.

Have you cooked lately with leeks? If so, I’d love to hear about as we have still quite a few left over.

This is also an entry for The Potato, a food event held by Eating Leeds, a blog I recently discovered.

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