Pancakes. Supper in Stereo.


Not long ago I signed up for Taste & Create, an interesting ‘exchange’ event over at For the Love of Food. Basically, one food blog gets paired with another, with the aim to try one of the recipes from the … other blog. If it sounds a little complicated, then best would be to read the rules at the source.

My pair was/ is Supper in Stereo. A great blog I discovered a while ago already. I think the link wasTastespotting – Supper in Stereo. If I get it right, then the blog is written by Hanne and Carlo, somewhere in Montreal. Where it seems to be very cold While they were probably checking my blog for inspiration, I was going through their archives, enjoying the double perspective (she says/ he says). After some search and thinking how to best recreate one of their recipes – I settled down on these luscious looking Oatmeal and Apple Pancakes.

As I usually do not have time for breakfast during the week (I know, I know … most important meal of the day … la di da …) I figured the weekend will be a great time to enjoy a luxurious breakfast and make these pancakes. Which I did. Voila.

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