5 Random Things. About Me.

Sometimes it’s nice to be tagged. Takes a little off the pressure on posting blog related content. Fits perfectly in a very busy week.  Your mind goes free, thinks meme-like, and you post random facts.  Random facts with a difference, it is understood.  

In this case I was tagged for 5 x 5 kind of meme. Recently I came across Cannelle et Vanille. I am not sure what intrigued me more. The Basque origin. Or the beautiful photography. In any case I got to ‘know’ Aran and she was so kind to tag me (I guess meme me doesn’t exist?).

So here are 5 random food facts about me which probably won’t change your life. Won’t make a difference as such. But maybe spark your curiosity?

If you’re coming from an RSS feed that was done on purpose 🙂

Fact 1: I love, love, love spicy food. I could probably eat wasabi on toast. Spoonfuls of mustard. Love.

Fact 2: If I had to chose between chocolate and chips, I’d go for chips. (Note: I mean chips as in crisps not … fries).

Fact 3: I don’t understand vegetarians.

Fact 4: Every time we are in the UK I buy Stilton and Colman’s Mustard. We have a lot of mustard at home.

Fact 5: Mark hates pineapple.

Fact 6: Just in case the one above doesn’t count, as it applies to Mark. I never taste food while I cook. I always taste and season it at the end.

Aran, thank you for tagging me.  As many have been already tagged for this meme, I leave it open to the next 5 who want to take it up and share their 5 random facts.

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