Very Belgian – Salade Liegeoise

Salad Liegeoise

Both a Very Belgian specialty. And my entry for this month’s Waiter There is Something in My …

Let me explain.

It has been a while since I last wrote on Belgian specialties. And it has been even longer since I last took part in a Waiter … event. Time to correct that. Time for a salad! It seems the winter months did not leave room for salads across the channel either, so Andrew challenged us all to think in terms of seazonal salads. Seazonal inspiration!

I do occasionally have a salad for lunch in the winter. But overall I must admit, I don’t put much effort into making any kinds of salads when its dark and cold. However, making a warm Salade Liegeoise is something I had in mind for a long time. A perfect match for the Waiter …, don’t you think?

Salade liegeoise. I wish I would have this wonderful story to tell you about this salad and where it comes from. All I can tell you is that there most definitely is a connection with Liege. But I don’t know more. If you have any more on this, please let me know.

The recipe is easy. The result beautiful. And very tasty. You will need:
– green beans, potatoes, bacon, eggs, onion and parsley. Adjust the ingredients depending on the number of people you’ll serve. After the beans, potatoes and eggs are cooked, the bacon fried, mix it all with some chopped onion and parsley. Seazon, and serve the salad warm/ or at room temperature. A drizzle of olive oil and you have your very own Belgian Salade Liegeoise. Or is that a winter seazonal salad? Bon appetit.
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