Very Belgian – Salade Liegeoise

Salad Liegeoise

Both a Very Belgian specialty. And my entry for this month’s Waiter There is Something in My …

Let me explain.

It has been a while since I last wrote on Belgian specialties. And it has been even longer since I last took part in a Waiter … event. Time to correct that. Time for a salad! It seems the winter months did not leave room for salads across the channel either, so Andrew challenged us all to think in terms of seazonal salads. Seazonal inspiration!

I do occasionally have a salad for lunch in the winter. But overall I must admit, I don’t put much effort into making any kinds of salads when its dark and cold. However, making a warm Salade Liegeoise is something I had in mind for a long time. A perfect match for the Waiter …, don’t you think?

Salade liegeoise. I wish I would have this wonderful story to tell you about this salad and where it comes from. All I can tell you is that there most definitely is a connection with Liege. But I don’t know more. If you have any more on this, please let me know.

The recipe is easy. The result beautiful. And very tasty. You will need:
– green beans, potatoes, bacon, eggs, onion and parsley. Adjust the ingredients depending on the number of people you’ll serve. After the beans, potatoes and eggs are cooked, the bacon fried, mix it all with some chopped onion and parsley. Seazon, and serve the salad warm/ or at room temperature. A drizzle of olive oil and you have your very own Belgian Salade Liegeoise. Or is that a winter seazonal salad? Bon appetit.
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  • This salad looks very appetizing, good photo also.

  • We just came across your food blog and beer blog. Your blogs are fantastic! We will be going to Brussels this week for the weekend, and Beaune and Troyes France for the rest of vacation. What are your top 3 restaurants a pubs in these places? My email is LannaeLong at yahoo period com.

  • Ah! I must confess I don’t know very much about Belgian cuisine. I only know of waffles and chocolate (don’t hate me!!!). That looks like a very hearty, breakfasty salad! 🙂

  • A wonderful salad! Very sping-like!



  • I love a good salad all year around and this is definitely perfect for winter with the bacon and potatoes… a little warm… heaven!

  • Pat

    This salad looks very yummy!!! My mouth is watering now.

  • Great blog and very nice salad recipe!
    Thank you for stopping by at Coffee & Vanilla 🙂

    Have a wonderful day, Margot

  • oh, very nice indeed. thanks for the submission

  • Such a beautiful and delicious sounding salad. I do see your point about not wanting cold things in winter — which is why I don’t often post salads in winter. Even though I live in Southern California, I know most everyone else is in the gloom, so think more about comfort food. This has been fun being able to think about salad with others. Can’t wait to try your salad!

  • Fabulous. I haven’t had a good salade liegeoise in quite some time… Good in any season, I reckon – definitely not just one for summer, for sure!

  • miam i love this kind of salade!

  • Geoff Peltier

    Salade Liegeoise can also be served with the lardon in a roquefort sauce. Its awesome. It may not be whats in the picture but its how it was always prepared by my family in Wallonie

  • Hello,

    I found your blog and was very happy to see their one of my favorite “home” recipe. The “salade liégeoise” is, indeed, a typical recipe from Liège.

    Liège is the third biggest city in Belgium, and has been an independant city state for more than 1000 years. It developped very tight relations with France, culturally and politically.

    The food culture is very important. People from Liege love to eat and drink, and they do it proudly!

    Liège is also home of the [very best Belgian] waffles “gaufres de Liège”, the famous “boulets à la Liégeoise” (meatballs), the “café liégeois” and many other recipes.

    Regarding the “salade liégeoise”, here is my “family” recipe:

    – cut the bacon in cubes
    – slow cook the to make it sweat (low heat)
    – cut potatoes in big cubes, then boil them
    – boil green beans a few mlinutes (them crunchy)
    – take bacon out of the pan, keep the “sweat” in, add butter
    – put pan on high heat, pour half the bacon cubes
    – immediately put the potato cubes and the beans in the pan
    – add black pepper
    – when potatoes show a crispy outside turn off the heat
    – take potatoes+beans+bacon out of the pan and put on plates, leave as much “juice” as possible, you’ll need it for the sauce.
    – turn the heat on to high
    – Quickly put the remaining half of the bacon, the chopped onions and herbs in the pan, keep a little bit of fresh parsley on the side. Stir.
    – when it begins to crisp, quickly pour on it wine vinegar (or any perfumed vinegar you like but NO balsamic). Usually one tablespoon per plate of “salade”.
    -turn off the heat and stir till you see the sauce take a slightly thicker aspect.
    – pour the sauce on each plate
    – decorate with fresh chopped parsley


    Never met one person who didn’t like it. 🙂

    It will go perfectly well with a light red wine, a rosé or even a white wine. However, you can do even better by serving a belgian beer on the side, a light to medium blond beer will do great: Stella, Leffe, Chimay Blonde, Duvel,… Remember to serve your beers chilled in the a tulip-balloon shaped glass.

    Hope you’ll enjoy.

  • Mmmmmm, salade Liegeoise is so good, we eat it all the time. We eat it without eggs and with red wine vinegar in place of olive oil, it’s how my wife ate it like that while she was living in Belgium.

  • Clem

    Hi! I know that this article is a little bit “old”, but hopefully my comment will be readen by someone!
    I am an exchange student from Belgium , I am here in Ohio for a year.
    I was looking for a great recipe of the salade liegeoise ( sorry, i sort of forget the exact ingredients. Ooops. But I did NOT forget the taste! ) and I found your wonderful picture which made me wanna eat it right now! 🙂
    I am so glad to read that people know what this salad is! At least you know that Belgium is a country, and not a city in France, or Germany! Hahah

    Thanks 🙂

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  • I found this amazing blog , “Very Belgian – Salade Liegeoise | On (Glorious) Food
    and Wine” , really
    enjoyable not to mention the post was in fact a superb
    read. Thanks for the post,Kasey

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