Food Magazines. Give Away.


As promised. Readers of this blog, you know how much I enjoy my food magazines. But a new year has started. So in with the new, out with the semi-old. So to speak.

Today it rained. A lot. Which means I finally got around to go through my pile of food magazines dating back to 2006 and 2007. Sorting through them, I found some great old recipe favorites, some great photography inspiration, and it all justifies the money spent! Or so I like to tell myself every year. Do you feel the same?

Back to this post: I now have on our living room floor a pile of German (Elle Bistro), English (Good Food) and Dutch (Elle Eten) magazines. Not entire yearly collections, but a few of this, a few of that. Interested? If you are, and live in Brussels, and don’t mind picking the magazines up – then drop me an email at andreeainbxl [at] hotmail [dot] com with ‘Magazines’ in the subject-line. And of course the language version you prefer. I am more than happy to give the magazines away and who knows, maybe you’ll find some last year inspiration as well?

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