Croissants. And Curry Leaves.

Ciao. And where did the time go?

How do you like the new design? I am still working on it but time has been very limited these past few weeks. Work was mad. Our social life picked up … hmm … I wonder why? Who knows, it might just be the spring sun. Oh, and there was also Nice.

Yet this post is long overdue and I apologize for this! Why the ‘ciao’ or the croissants you wonder? Well … let me tell you about this little food blogging event, (European) Blogging by Mail. This is what you’d probably call food heaven in the food blogosphere! You get to spend time putting together a little food package. You ship it to your ‘mystery’ recipient. And you wait for the surprise, the joy, and eventually the foodie post. I was on time with all of the above. Except the post.

So without further ado: my little package from the Italian Housewife. Ciao, now you understand! It was such a great surprise. First of all I got to discover a great blog. And the goodies inside? Delicious, original, exotic. We went through a whole bag of mini croissants – yumm! I heated them up just a little bit so the chocolate inside got all gooey and runny. Sinfully delicious.

What do you think of when you think of Italy (food)? Besides the pasta! Parmesan, of course. There was a little bit of that too. Anchovies. A great mushroom sauce I am dying to try out. Grissini. The best and most wonderful party snack. My trick? I wrap the grissini top with a little Parma ham – stunning, easy and delicious.

The exotic touch Violette put in her package? Curry leaves! We never bought or cooked with curry leaves, so I am very much looking forward to using them. Exciting.

And all accompanied by a lovely letter which made me discover a little bit more about Italy and Malaysia, food combining the two and of course the Italian Housewife.

Grazie, Violette. Baci.

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