Adopt a Blogger. Lesson 2.

One, I have been a very bad adoptive parent. Two, I have been abroad all last week and oh, the stories and the food I have to tell you about! Gorgeous! With the 1 and 2 May official days off in Belgium, I guess I am not the only Brussels resident who decided to take a week off.

But we are back. Probably heavier than we left, as we spent a good part of our holiday eating and drinking. Does this happen to you as well? Nevertheless, our batteries are charged, our cameras full of souvenirs, our bags full of goodies.

Which brings me to the adoption part and my little black book. Some have a little black dress, I have a little black book. Which I carry with me everywhere. Why? Because you never know when a good blog idea can hit you. I might be in the tram on the way to work and suddenly think that a blog post on the best frites in Brussels could be a good idea. Well, I write it down. Or I come across a great must try recipe in one of my many food magazines? I write it down too. A gorgeous photo I like the look of, the composition, which perhaps could be an inspiration for my own food photos? I will make sure to cut it out and save it in my little black book.

You might say I am doing this because I have a short memory. True! But also because ideas come and go with the speed of light. And I am not always in a position to start writing a blog post (Did you ever try writing a post while engaging in a very serious conversation on the import of Chinese toys? I thought so.) A scribble here, an idea there, and I already managed to fill one little book. Now on to season two. Sometimes a life saver – wine tasting notes, restaurant reviews. Sometimes a great conversation piece – oh what a cute little book. Do you keep a diary? Sometimes a great source of inspiration – for example this post here !

How do you make sure your ideas don’t get lost? Do you keep a little black book too? I would be very interested to hear how and where do you come up with new ideas for your food blog. And most important how you make sure you won’t forget them?

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  • (LOVELY cheesecake pic you have there πŸ™‚ )

    At times, I have more than one idea, so I write them all down on a notebook– just keywords, pictures stick very well in my mind (plus, I have a problem cutting up my “valuable” magazines, haha). More often than not, though, I just have one goal and I don’t make anything else until I’ve finished it (it helps that I’m not the main meal-preparer here).

  • i like the idea of keywords. and know all about the cutting up problem … i only cut up magazines one or two years old πŸ™‚

  • I also have a notebook where I write recipe ideas and blog post ideas in the most random of places. Mine is red with white polka dots πŸ™‚

  • I love this idea. I try to wrie stuff down.If I dont have paper, then type it in my Black Berry. But the little Black Book is appealing. It reminds me of one I kept in Art school for inspriation.

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  • LyB

    I’ve always had a notebook I take everywhere with me, I write or draw anything that pops in my head! And I make lists and lists, neverending lists! A lot of ideas come to me right as I’m about to go to sleep though so sometimes in the morning, I have to try very hard to remember that great idea I had right before I started to snore! πŸ™‚

  • Thankyou for visiting my blog.
    Am on a break, after that i will come here regularly.
    I don’t have a black book , but i do have a book which i write recipes, especially the ones i ring back home and ask my mom and sisters about some traditional recipes.

  • Just read your curry leaf post, is it indian curry leaves you have?
    If they are fresh ones i put them in the freezer and take it out few of them when ever i want them.