Tea Smoked. Again. Chicken.

Oh, we had some great food lately. With the days suddenly so much longer. Great British Menu pushing the boundaries of modern food. Us more in Brussels for a change. Market abundance with spring and all. A perfect mix for a foodie cocktail.

Mark made a spot on bisque. We ate perfect mash. A great carbonade a la Flamande. The most exquisite duck a l’orange. Why am I telling you all this, I hear you ask? Well … because none of this made it long enough for a foodie photo shot. Sorry!

However I drew the line at the Chinese tea smoked chicken!

Granted this is the ‘before’ photo, as the chicken legs were long gone before I could take an ‘after’ photo. We decided on this recipe for two reasons. The interesting wow factor: tea smoked! The volume factor: easy to make for a party of 20+ who expect an Asian influenced dinner. When we planned this party we looked for any and all recipes that could be cooked for a crowd. Rice aside. Looking through a very (!) 80s looking cooking book we agreed that tea smoked chicken legs sounded modern enough to make it to the menu. Meet Chinese and Oriental Cooking. Don’t judge a book by its cover that’s what I have to say.

It went down a treat. I know, difficult not to love chicken. Tea smoke it and you get ‘fancy’ chicken. A recipe to keep in mind if like us, you invite loads of people (good) but you only have 1 oven (bad).

Tea Smoked Chicken (serves as many as you like)

1/2cup – 125gr sugar
3tbsp tea leaves
2tbsp salt
1×1.5kg – 3lb chicken (we used chicken drum sticks, 1 per person)
freshly ground black pepper
1tbsp soy sauce
2tbsp sesame oil

Line a baking dish with sheets of aluminium foil large enough to completely enclose the chicken. Combine sugar, tea leaves and salt and spread out over foil. Place a roasting rack in the baking dish and place chicken on rack. Sprinkle chicken liberally with black pepper, bring foil up around chicken to completely enclose and bake for 1h.

Combine soy sauce and sesame oil. Open foil parcel, brush chicken with soy sauce mixture and bake, uncovered, for 20min longer until chicken is cooked through.

We don’t have the most chefy kitchen, yet it is a fairly well stocked kitchen. I often get emails on what utensils we use, gadgets, etc. Merging two households we have our fair share of stuff and for this recipe we relied entirely on the Ikea Koncis roasting tin.

So, what have you smoked lately? In kitchen terms, of course. A while ago, we also tried tea smoked trout on Glorious Food and Wine.


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