Nudo. Our Adopted Olive Tree.

Do you remember Marks’ birthday? The party we were planning? No? Oh. (Disappointed look on my face … really?) Ok, I guess it’s ok to forget. This once.

Let me remind you a little the agony (mine): when looking for his birthday present, I was faced with lots and lots of possibilities. Yet none had the ‘wow’ factor I was looking for. Golf? Too personal and complicated. I tried once and it turns out golfers like to chose the clubs themselves. Go figure. A trip abroad and another restaurant? Too expensive just before Brazil. Agony, I tell you. A-g-o-n-y. Until I came across Nudo.

Now, of course I know Mark well enough to know he likes his olive oil. But he never had an olive tree. (This in itself I guess is pretty obvious.) Very few people in the UK do own an olive tree. Something to do with the weather I hear. High time for a change, I thought. And so I bought him a tree in Il Capo.

The gift voucher arrived, birthday came and went, Mark was happy, and here we are in 2008. Honestly, with all in between, we sort of forgot about the olive tree. (I’m really getting the feeling we are not that good with this whole adoption thingy…) Although, we are planning to visit … him? she? it? in June. I’ll admit it again, we’re just not good at adopting.

Imagine the surprise, when a couple of days ago 1.5L olive oil were waiting for us at home. Cute little 250ml and 500ml metal containers, all black with green (olive) dots. A rhapsody in black and green. The olive oil? So, so flavoursome. Delicious. Mark finds it peppery. I think it has hints of lemon. We both find it somewhat ‘herby’. Maybe a combination of all? Who knows. In any case, absolutely delicious olive oil.

So far, we had it au naturel. But with so much olive oil in the house it is difficult not to make plans. Mark is already thinking of olive oil ice cream (must be Nice). I am thinking olive oil cookies. The possibilities are endless. Any suggestions? Part of me wants to keep the Nudo olive oil just as it is, in it’s cute little metal box and enjoy it with a chunk of home made bread. Or perhaps drizzle it on fresh goats cheese. Some sliced, ripe tomatoes, a sprinkle of sea salt and a dash of Nudo? Sounds good too.

We’ll keep you posted. Any suggestions you have how we can use the Nudo olive oil? Send them our way.

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