Guacamole. Alternative Recipe. 5min.

With so many trips. With so much work. With such a wonderful weather. There is barely any time left for cooking. But always enough time for guacamole.

How do you like that?

I absolutely love guacamole. I said it before. I say it again. It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s fast and most of all it is delicious. Always a crowd pleaser. But as food lovers and food bloggers you knew that already.

What pushed me write about my favorite  dip again you ask? Whilst shopping at our local supermarket recently, I noticed people buying the tortilla chips (ok) and ready made guacamole (no, no, no). In case you wonder what we were doing on that aisle, it’s just across the Belgian beers. Voila.

I don’t have anything against ready made food. I’m not Delia either. But ready made guacamole? Common’. There is nothing faster to make and it tastes so much better than the ready made stuff. Don’t you agree?

Here is a quick take on guacamole: 2 very ripe avocados, one clove of garlic (more, if you like), one pot of yogurt, salt. Variations can include one chopped tomato, but maybe you consider that time consuming? Mix it all together (bowl, fork, mash!) and you have instant, delicious guacamole. Plus probably a lot healthier than the version available in stores. My guacamole actually goes dark if it’s left uncovered. That is a sign of real food.

In the spirit of the ‘fast and furious’ what supermarket swaps do you have that not only make life more delicious, but are also fast to make? Anything. I’m looking for 5min max. Let me know.

EDIT: I love the whole interaction in the comments. Thank you for that! That’s what makes food blogging so great. So:

  • To pit or not to pit? Is it a myth or not that putting the avocado pit in the guacamole stops it from turning brown?
  • Lemon or lime? Adding lemon or lime juice to the guacamole stops it from going brown. Really? I know it adds that extra flavor and I personally prefer lime juice in my guacamole.
  • Are you ready baby? How do you know your avocados are just ripe enough? I personally don’t shy away from picking them up, trying them one by one and then seeing which one is the softest one. If my thumb leave a little indent, then that avocado is ready to come home with me. But: how do you go about avocados that are not ‘so’ ready, and you want to use the next day (say)? How do you speed up the ‘ripening’ process at home? I’d love to know.  

On a different note, The Guardian: Word of Mouth has listed my post on Nudo Olive Oil as one of their faves.

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