Mini Meringues.

May. May is not a month spent cooking at home. No. It’s a month spent maximising the legal holidays to get the most out of your long weekends. And in between I have to travel abroad for work. You might think I am complaining. I’m not. Really. It’s just that I miss the cooking and the food blogging. That’s all.

At the moment I am waiting for my flight to Prague. I will be there till Sunday, combining a conference with some (obviously!) delicious food. If you have been, or even better, are from Prague and have some gems to share, please do. Or perhaps you are up for a coffee or a beer? A bite to eat at your hidden, favorite local? Anything, let me know. It’s my first time in Prague, so I will be keen to discover its beauty as well as food and drink. All so exciting.

In the meantime, I leave you with some delightul mini meringues, perfect for your afternoon tea party (do they still exist?). Or as we had them, as bite sized desserts. For all of you ice cream lovers out there you know what I am talking about: a lot of egg whites! We usually tend to freeze them, and then when we remember, make meringues.

This time around I decided against the usual bigger, fluffier meringues and opted for mini ones. Maybe a little bit of fiddling here and there, but they came out oh-so-cute! As I am not the worlds’ biggest meringue lover, these were perfect for me: a little taste, a little crunch, a little sugar high. Pleasure without the guilt.

Oh, here’s my call. Got to go. Bye, bye Brussels. Prague, here I come.

Try them out. Let me know. See you in Prague perhaps?

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