Back. Le Marche. Buzzing.

Last week we were in Le Marche. We spent there 1 week which felt more like 1 month (wish it would have been), but now we are back to a somewhat sunny Brussels. And a lot of work. And a lot of cooking ahead. Lots of projects. Buzzing.

It’s been all a little crazy here, May and June. I got some cooking done. But not much. I got to take some photos. But not many. Then Italy. Which was perfect in every way. We stayed at Da Carignano, which was wonderful – welcoming, great food, and just look at the view! That’s what we got to see every evening. But the food. The food was amazing. Every morning / or evening (depending) we got to chose from fresh tomatoes (smelling just like summer), fresh garlic (delicious), fresh courgettes (so tiny, so great grilled), fresh eggs and a giant bouquet of fresh herbs. And home made wine. And home made olive oil. And the first peaches of the season. And. And. And.

We went to visit the tree. We stopped in Ravenna. We went to Bologna for some city feel and I can not thank Alessandro enough for his recommendations.  Tamburini at least has become my ultimate dream wine bar and is a must if you are in the neighborhood.  We ate gelato every day.

What I loved most about this short holiday break? Besides the food and the wine? And Italy? Probably the lack of computers and emails and phones. For once we didn’t even come close to 21st century civilization. And you know what? It felt good. It felt relaxing. My brain started to think again in colours and not bytes. I am buzzing with ideas and plans. I got to read books and take notes. I actually wrote and not typed. Call me crazy, but living simply made me feel good. And to make sure we won’t lose this feeling we already booked our next weekend break. In Champagne. And the one after. In Sardinia.

In the meantime it’s back to another été a Bruxelles. I’ll share with you my favorite pic-nic spots. My summer markets. My summer recipes.  Think outdoor eating. Salads. BBQs. Drinks and cocktails on the many terraces around. Summer festivals. We’re going to have one hot summer!

Our addresses in Le Marche/ Ravenna/ Bologna:

Ristorante Moletto– Viale Zara 75, Pesaro. A simple and straight forward fish restaurant. Go for the fish of the day. You won’t be disappointed.

Enoteca La Taverna– Piazza Vittorio Veneto, Sirolo. A somewhat sophisticated winery/restaurant, great views and a great local Rosso Conero.

Ca’ de Vèn– Via Corrado Ricci 24, Ravenna. A great place to have a glass of wine, two, three? A tip: go directly to the bar and ask for your glass of wine. Waiting at the table to be served might become a long wait. Food was not too bad either. And look up!

Sorbetteria Degli Esarchi– Via IV Novembre 11, Ravenna. Same day. Twice.

Tamburini– Via Caprarie 1, Bologna. We could have easily gone there lunch and dinner, every day, drink wines by the glass, eat, take Bologna in. I regret we didn’t. Absolutely great place.      

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